James Acklin

Pittsburgh, PA, USA


  • Agile/scrum/kanban product management
  • Continuous customer discovery and product strategy
  • UX research, usability, and design
  • React, bash, CI/CD automation, some Rust, some Python
  • Distributed, self-hosted, and peer-to-peer systems

Tlon Groups & Talk

“Digital basics“ for self-owned social p2p communication (messaging, chat, publishing, link collecting, etc.)

Tlon Landscape

Launchpad and framework for developers to build and distribute zero-config p2p applications

Tlon Bridge

User-facing management interface for Azimuth, a Layer-1 and Layer-2 PKI

Bloomfield Robotics

Geospatial analytics for ML-powered crop health

Nielsen Global Design System

Fully-accessible i18n design system for 6+ global verticals


Data visualization for media researchers

Smith Brothers Agency

Web properties for CPG brands